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  • Tom Conway

    Tom Conway was raised in the Detroit area of Michigan and began playing guitar at age nine after hea…Read More

  • Cheryl Rae Band

    Cheryl Rae Band _Singer/Songwriter/Producer_Produced & recorded Handprints in Stone & worked with Pr…Read More

  • Maoli

    Maoli was formed in the beginning of 2008. As they were forming the group, they wanted a name that h…Read More

  • Kona Wind

    Welcome to the world of Kona Wind, a place that feels comfortable and familiar yet new and refreshin…Read More

  • All Access Entertainment

    415 Dairy Rd. E-432, Kahului
    Bringing you all of Maui's BEST Nightlife! We are a group of experienced promoters that have been pr…Read More

  • Brother Noland

    Music is the thread that has always run through and held Brother Nolands life together. It doesnt ma…Read More

  • Kanekoa

    KANEKOA is a six piece high energy, ukulele powered experience of sound and culture hailing from the…Read More

  • Singing Bear

    Anthony Beres also known as Anthony Singing Bear writes intimate and powerful songs that really leav…Read More

  • Kolohe Kai

    Kolohe Kai is a fresh, new island music group from the Windward side of Oahu whose reggae-influence…Read More

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